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Boost Your Immunity With Spices - Online

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Boost Your Immunity With Spices - Online

Do you have spices stocked in your pantry but don’t know how to use them?
Do you want to understand and have fun with the spices in your everyday food?

Then spice it up with the Dancing Indian Chef and join this Spice Masterclass!

Collect the spices from your pantry and go to your Couch, or Kitchen, or your office table and get ready for the most amazing play with the spices.
You will understand the spices in depth.
- You will taste your spices in very unique ways with your everyday food.
- You will learn everyday usage in your own cooking.
- You will know the health benefits of the spices.
- You will listen to many real-life stories about the cultural importance of spices in India.
- You can choose the spices (from our huge list )that you are the most excited about.
- You can get full customisation for private bookings depending on what you want to focus, more knowledge or more fun playing with the spices.
- We will cover as many spices as we can in 75 minutes.

This experience is also great for team-building, birthday parties, big groups, bachelorettes, and also to spend fun time with your family and friends, even if in different homes or countries.

Do you have spices stocked in your pantry but don’t know how to use them? Do you want to understand and have fun with the spices in your everyday food? Then spice it up with the D...

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  • You will get to know all about the Indian spices in detail about their health benefits about their usage and their impact on the food regarding it's aroma, flavour and color

  • You will cook a simple recipe with the spices you have at your home

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  • Please let us know about your allergies

  • And also let us know what ingredients you have in advance

  • Potatoes, eggs and bread are preferable, but if you can't find then we can discuss and find something common so we cook together

  • This is an interactive online video webinar

  • You will receive a login link for the video call prior to the workshop

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It was well prepared, fun and I learned a lot! I definitely recommend it!


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