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Learn About Spices

Berlin, Moabit
120 Minuten
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Privater Workshop
Learn About Spices

You will be introduced to Indian spices and get to know fun facts about their contribution to flavour, aroma, and health. You will smell and also taste the raw spices. Nistha will demonstrate simple ways to use different spices in everyday food. Finally, you can even get some samples of spices to take away and enjoy after the event.

You will be introduced to Indian spices and get to know fun facts about their contribution to flavour, aroma, and health. You will smell and also taste the raw spices. Nistha will ...

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Was du bekommst
  • Water and some light snacks

  • Lot of demonstrations to use spices in daily life

  • Interesting facts about all the spices

Was du mit nach Hause nimmst
  • A lot of new knowledge around Indian spices and how to include them for healthier, more wholesome cooking

Was du sonst noch wissen solltest
  • This workshop is mainly explanatory, for a more interactive and extensive workshop on Indian food, check out our Indian Curry workshop

  • If you are vegan and If you have allergies please inform in advance (Nistha will make arrangements)

  • Please keep physical distance from others, and wear a mask when you are close to others

  • This Workshops takes place outdoors in a park

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Nistha’s interest in healthy cooking started when she was struggling to stay healthy. She tried new recipes day and night, read numerous books on food ,and deeply studied the process of cooking.

She comes from a small town in the northern part of India where she learnt the skills to use Indian spices from her mother and grandmother.

Her passion is to simplify Indian cooking and its ingredients. With these experiences, she is distilling all her knowledge in a format that is going to be fun, engaging and widely useful.

Over the last 7 years, she has hosted countless events across countries for individuals, families, teams for organizations like MIT, Amazon, LinkedIn, Capital one, HP, Allbirds, WWP, Expedia, Govt. of Korea, KLA, Lyft, Stilnest, Iconosquare, Care.com, Unv. of Georgetown, Unv. of San Diego, Mecker Grp, progressive insurance, Delivery hero& many more.

Nistha’s interest in healthy cooking started when she was struggling to stay healthy. She tried new recipes day and night, read numerous books on food ,and deeply studied the pro...

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The workshop was super interesting, I learned lots of tips I can apply to my cuisine right away. Nistha is very sweet and passionate about the topics. She was always willing to reply our questions and take more time to explain extra content.

Very nice experience!

Nistha was very welcoming. She has great knowledge about Indian spices. I liked her personal stories about how her family used Indian spices when she was a child. We could ask questions anytime, we could taste big differences in very interesting spices and we were taught how to use them, not only for seasoning or cooking, but also for your well-being. I took home a lot of inspiration. It was a fun evening! Definitely recommendable.


I thought the workshop was great, we learned a ton about different kinds of spice and got to try them too! I would definitely take another class if the price was within the same price range!

A special two hours learning about everything one can know about Indian spices. From their origins, usage and different tastes to their health benefits, you will complete the workshop knowing exactly when to use them to make your dishes taste great and to feel better. Nistha adds to this informational experience her interesting life stories linked to the spices and some very delicious surprises all throughout the workshop.


This workshop was so lovely and insightful. Not only did we have deliciously spiced snacks but we learned how to use them and also their health benefits. Mishra was a great teacher!


The workshop was great, the host explained everything well , from the benefits of each spice to how they compliment each other and dishes. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

I enjoyed the workshop very much!! Our host, Nistha has made it an authentic experience in a very welcoming atmosphere. I've learned a great deal about spices I have long known through different perspectives and also got to know some that I've never ever heard about as a European. It was real fun tasting unknown or unknown combination of spices, getting to know a couple of nice people, taking notes about the different beneficial effects of the spices (some can even help with anxiety!) and getting some samples. I've already started experimenting at home, which my significant other also appreciates a lot. I became a big fan of black salt. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is curious and like trying new things, it can be a great team event and also a great bonding activity for couples.


What a fun learning experience! Nistha welcomed us with open arms into her apartment. She neatly prepared everything, including a worksheet, tasting bowl, and light refreshments. I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about each spice, taste them directly, and create my own spice mixes in the company of others. Would recommend it for anyone looking to liven it up a grey-skied day in Berlin. Looking forward to the next workshop!

Very nice workshop in Nishta's flat! We got to learn about more than 20 indian spices and their properties and effect on health. We could taste them prepared on simple snacks like bananas, yogurt, rice etc and we tried to create our own special blend. We now need to dare trying it at home with the sampled we brought back from the workshop!


The topic of the workshop was "Spices of India", and we expected cooking advices, but it was more about nutritions and fun facts. We were allowed to taste all the spices, but tasting them uncooked doesn't make much sense I think (it was interesting though).

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