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No matter if you run your own studio, sell your creations online or something in between...

As a self-employed artist there is much more than just being creative.
The whole organization around the creative business needs a lot of dedication and expertise, because in the end it saves a lot of stress and time to concentrate on the important things: being creative. 

For this reason the Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv joined forces with COOPOLIS and created the Tough Love workshop series to give creative businesses more confidence in organizational questions. 

They offer bilingual, honest and reliable education from specialized professionals, especially tailored to the Maker community!

Tackling topics around accounting, taxes and insurance in a no-nonsense, realistic way, these workshops will help you feel like you're no longer navigating your small business in the dark. They'll turn on the light and help you find the best path for your creative career! 

The workshops will take place from Sept. 5 - Oct. 22 in Berlin and are in German and English!

What kind of workshops are offered? 

  -   German Taxes: The Basics
  -   Taxes: Tips & Tricks 
  -   MwSt: When to register? 
  -   Health insurance & retirement 

Who are the workshops for? 

If you run your own creative business, or are thinking of starting a business but want to learn more about the basics, then these workshops are perfect for you! 

What do the workshops cost? 

All workshops are FREE, with a refundable deposit of 10€. 

Who teaches the workshops? 

Each workshop is taught by a Berlin-based professional with expertise in the relevant topic. 

Where are the workshops? 

The workshops will take place at different locations in the Berlin district of Neukölln. 

The Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv is a non-profit support network for Berlin-based design.
They aim to promote creative objects by helping artists and makers develop their brands, strengthen their skills and expand their network.

Find more information here.

Unsere Workshops
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