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Discover the Secret of Savon de Marseille

22. July 2018

Léo puts the Marseille Soap in his spotlight - a natural soap produced in one of the last soap factories in the South of France. 

This soap is known as a perfect product for the skin because there is no perfume or other chemical ingredient on the recipe list. 
Less well known, but equally useful, when used as a home cleanser. From laundry detergents to conventional cleaning products such as dishwashing detergents, surface cleansers and whatever else you need a cleaner for. In other words, a wonderful natural alternative... 

How do you come to be a Workshop Host? 

It was because many of my friends asked me to bring some Marseille soap every time I returned to southern France, and they often asked me about the recipes of the natural detergent I used to make.

Since I remember, this soap has been in my family routine. So I wanted to make my knowledge about the many uses of Marseille soap more widely available. And also to show that there are simple ways to change our habits in daily life.

What makes your heart happy?

My heart project is to see as many people as possible using Marseille soap in their daily lives.

Because it is not only good for the body, but also biodegradable, ecological and much more economical than buying 10 different chemical and plastic bottles to clean the house. 
It is a single product and has many possibilities to be used!

What inspires you about doing workshops? 

It is very inspiring to have feedback about your project and not only from family & friends. I was honestly surprised how benevolent people are. I met very nice and caring people. So it gives me an extra confidence in what I'm doing. I think what gives me the energy to share my knowledge is that people actually learn something and are excited about it.

Which creative projects are on your to-do list?

I am working on new recipes with Marseille soap: solid shampoo, natural detergent in powder form and much more...

So be excited about what's to come...

Savon de Marseille - is a fragrant block of soap that is often brought as a souvenir from the last holiday in France. But what is actually behind this famous soap and how do I get the soap without having to travel to France

To answer these exciting questions we met Léo. He was born in France and founded his own company in Berlin a few months ago. The best combination to bring light into the darkness of the myths about Savon de Marseille. 

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Savon de Marseille

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